Consulting on Grid Disturbances

How well do you know about power system feedback?

How well do you know the quality of your electrical power supply or the feedback effects of your equipment on your power supply?

The topic of mains feedback is becoming more and more complex these days. We can offer you valuable support in the following areas thanks to our many years of experience and technical know-how.

  • Do you have unexplained production stoppages?

    If you have disturbances and unexplained downtimes in your production, a frequent cause is the insufficient quality of the power supply. We will be happy to advise you and help you find an individual solution to get your production running smoothly again.

  • Flickering lighting

    Your lighting, no matter if classic illuminants or modern LED lighting flickers. This can have various causes, we help you to find the causes and to define and implement suitable countermeasures.

  • Revision of your procurement guidelines

    Are your procurement guidelines for machinery and equipment regarding mains reactions up to date?

  • Power supply standards

    Do you know the standards and regulations that affect your electrical power supply? What limits regarding power quality must be observed for safe operation?

  • Interference emission of devices

    Are you planning to purchase a new device or do you already have an existing device and want to assess the mains perturbation with regard to flicker and harmonics?

  • Measurement errors on test benches and production equipment

    You are operating a test bench or a production facility and have disturbances in the measured signals? We support you with a low-interference design or fault analysis according to the specifications of EMC-GLA®.

  • Do you have too high leakage currents? Do protective devices trip?

    Leakage currents from devices and systems can violate standards or lead to unintentional tripping of protective devices such as residual current circuit breakers, circuit breakers, etc.

  • Looking for a solution?

    Are you familiar with the wide range of electrical line filters? We have many years of experience in the selection and commissioning of filters.

Our all-round service from a single source


Power Quality Measurement Services:

The measurement and the analysis is done by a PQ specialist of Ceno Power Quality GmbH.


Consulting and training:

Thanks to years of experience, we have the know-how to offer you optimal and independent consulting as well as employee training.


Planning and commissioning:

Through targeted planning and prompt implementation, we get the most out of your personal situation.


After Sales Support:

Regular reports on your energy supply through monitoring bring transparency. In addition, we offer regular maintenance.

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… you can be sure that your network problems are a thing of the past.

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