EMC & Power Quality FAQs

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the ability of a device not to interfere or be interfered with by other devices due to unwanted electrical or electromagnetic effects. This means that without good EMC, there will be effects on other devices that can lead to unwanted malfunctions. A proper and professional construction and design are indispensable when it comes to ensuring the electromagnetically compatible function of electrical equipment.

The aim of power quality is the correct supply of electrical energy in terms of, for example, mains voltage and frequency. In reality, the mains voltage is subject to disturbances. These are caused, for example, by harmonics, which superimpose the ideal sinusoidal oscillation and lead to faster aging of electrical components.

Power quality problems can cause production downtime and costly repairs due to a wide variety of disturbances in the power grid. This connection is often not recognized. Simple signs of such disturbances can be, for example, flickering lights, unclear shutdowns of equipment, faults in EDP systems, premature failure of power supply units and much more.

The use of modern electronics such as frequency converters or LED lighting changes the requirements for energy supply in the company. While these measures serve to save electrical energy, their negative impact on the energy supply is often neglected.

The saving of electrical energy is achieved by using the latest power electronics. However, the devices equipped with power electronics are no longer linear in their current consumption and thus their current consumption from the supply network is also no longer sinusoidal.

  • We carry out EMC & Power Quality measurements, evaluate them and advise you according to your specific operational situation
  • We are happy to support you in the procurement of mains filters or take care of this completely
  • We put your line filters into operation and parameterize them
  • We offer maintenance contracts, i.e. we take care of it and you don’t have to worry about it anymore
  • We train you and your employees individually in EMC and power quality topics