EMC measurements

The topic of electromagnetic compatibility is omnipresent in modern electrical and electronic devices and systems. Therefore, for a smooth operation of several devices in the same environment, compliance with the specifications of the relevant EMC standards and regulations of each individual device is of enormous importance. We offer EMC measurements in the following areas, if you are interested please contact us.

Pre-compliance measurements

Measurements to detect trends during the development of devices or entire systems and to take the appropriate EMC measures at an early stage.

Acceptance according to EMC-GLA®

The EMC-GLA® is a guideline for the planning and realization of complex industrial plants, which contains corresponding limit values and construction regulations in order to be able to ensure the safest and most EMC-compliant operation of the plant.

Standardized measurements

You need standardized measurements, e.g. for your CE declaration. We accompany the acceptance measurements with you and carry out corresponding measurements ourselves or in coordination with appropriate accredited laboratories.

Disturbance analysis

You already have problems in your company? We support you in the analysis with the help of EMC measurements in order to be able to advise you competently afterwards regarding your current EMC situation. Here we analyze the existing levels and the related interference phenomena which you see in your systems.

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